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    Agri-Fab Smartlink 41″ Curved Blade Aerator (45-0458)

    Agri-Fab Smartlink 41 The patented 'Turf Shark' design on this curved blade aerator from Agri-Fab combines the best features of plug and spike type aeration tools. Like a plug aerator, this attachment offers deep penetration enabling water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass but doesn't leave messy piles of soil plugs on your lawn. The SmartLINK Curved Blade Aerator employs ten rows of cutting discs each with five prongs. It has a working width of 41" (103 cm) for a speedy work rate and is made from rust-proof galvanised steel for durability. As with all of the SmartLINK accessories, it can be attached to the Master Platform in seconds without tools and used with any make of ride-on tractor mower. Please note: Agri-Fab SmartLINK Master Platform (45-0473) required with this product.

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