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    The Predator P75RX Stump Grinder

    The Predator P75RX
    The Predator P75RX

    The Predator P75LRX is the largest tracked stump grinder or stump cutter of the fleet. It is a scaled up version of the popular P50RX. This machine has a 75 hp engine and comes with a 12 tooth multi-tip cutter wheel. Although this machine has a large capacity it is still able to fit through a 2’11” gate, the machine is completely radio remote.







    • New features include a twin caller, which offers 100% more calling and extended life to oil hoses and other hydraulic components.
    •  Parker hydraulic motor fitted with the Parker high-performance, bent axis, piston motor.
    • Piston pump – offering more pressure combined with a closed loop system, which adds more power.
    • Outrigger bearing – stronger and more reliable.
    • Optional dozer blade – fully hydraulic blade, with four points linkage for back filling and levelling.

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