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    Handy 26cc Loop Handle Brushcutter

    The Handy THBC26 Petrol Brushcutter has a powerful 26cc 2 stroke engine, soli straight shaft and loop handle. The TH-BC26 Petrol Brush cutter is perfect for your garden trimming tasks. Specifications: Engine: 26cc 2 Stroke Solid straight shaft Centrifugal clutch Loop handle Nylon head Metal blade Goggles Harness Weight: 5.5kg Manufacturer’s 1 . . . → Read More: Handy 26cc Loop Handle Brushcutter

    Stihl FS87 Petrol Brushcutter

    Robust brushcutter with STIHL 4-MIX engine, providing faster acceleration, more power, added torque and increased fuel efficiency. Optimum operator comfort with anti vibration system and a fully adjustable bike handle. Supplied fitted with AutoCut and Metal blade cutting heads. Standard features: 28.4cc 1.3hp engine STIHL 4-MIX engine Anti-vibration system Bike handle Shoulder strap / carrying system . . . → Read More: Stihl FS87 Petrol Brushcutter

    Ryobi APR-04 Expand-It Pruner Attachment

    The Ryobi APR-04 Pruner Attachment features a 250mm (10") bar and chain for pruning branches. An on-board oil container (76ml) provides automatic chain lubrication and durable heavy-duty steel gears are fitted for prolonged use. The blade is set at a 15 degrees angle for easier and safer cutting of branches. FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! RYOBI . . . → Read More: Ryobi APR-04 Expand-It Pruner Attachment

    Stihl FR130T Backpack Brushcutter

    Powerful backpack brushcutter with 4-MIX engine Ideal for mowing on steep embankments, overgrown slopes or in narrow ditches. The weight is carried on the user’s back for maximum comfort via a support frame with an anti-vibration system and fully adjustable back plate. Thickly padded straps ensure extra comfort. With split shaft, able to take CombiTools from . . . → Read More: Stihl FR130T Backpack Brushcutter

    Sanli GT26 Petrol Grass Trimmer

    With a specially curved shaft, designed to help you edge and trim a lawn and with top specifications and features at low price, including a robust and higher performing full crank engine, this GT26 Petrol Grass Trimmer from Sanli is superior to most in its price range delivering outstanding performance and durability. No emissions, lightweight and . . . → Read More: Sanli GT26 Petrol Grass Trimmer

    Echo SRM 235ESL Semi Pro Petrol Brushcutter

    The Echo SRM235ESL brushcutter has a loop handle design and 21.2 cc two stroke engine. Anti-vibration measures have been incorporated into the design to ensure that work is comfortable and safe. Particularly geared towards commercial users who use the machines for a number of hours at a time, this technology also allows homeowners ergonomic operation. Combined . . . → Read More: Echo SRM 235ESL Semi Pro Petrol Brushcutter

    Sanli GTS43 Petrol Brushcutter

    Thanks to a powerful 2-stroke, 42.7cc engine with 1300w of power and high performance, as well as pro-features at a very non-pro price, this top quality brushcutter knocks spots off the competition and is ready to trim, edge, strim and chop weeds and grass in medium to large properties. A very well balanced, easy to operate . . . → Read More: Sanli GTS43 Petrol Brushcutter

    Mitox 251-C Petrol Grass-Trimmer

    Powerful yet incredibly lightweight (just 4.7kg), the Mitox 250-C will prove a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality but inexpensive occasional-use strimmer. Its reliable 25.4cc engine is easy to start and has been fully isolated from the shaft, keeping vibration to an absolute minimum; while a bump-feed cutting-head means you can spool-out new line . . . → Read More: Mitox 251-C Petrol Grass-Trimmer

    McCulloch X2500CXL 25cc 43cm Petrol Trimmer – McCulloch X2500CXL 25cc 43cm Cut 20cm Blade Petrol Trimmer

    McCulloch X2500CXL 25cc 43cm Petrol Trimmer is a straight shaft petrol grass trimmer / brush cutter with the added versatility of split shaft allowing the use of multi-tool attachments. Features Easy Start and heavy duty line and brush blade for tackling demanding conditions.For more information please click on the specification tab below or speak to one . . . → Read More: McCulloch X2500CXL 25cc 43cm Petrol Trimmer – McCulloch X2500CXL 25cc 43cm Cut 20cm Blade Petrol Trimmer

    DR COMMERCIAL 18-30 Electric Start Field & Brush Mower

    The DRĀ® All-Terrain Commercial 18-30 electric start Field and Brush mower is an amazing mower – it mows and chops all types of vegetation, cuts brush, brambles – even 25mm thick saplings. It turns your problem areas into an attractive, low-maintenance meadow that you need only cut once or twice a year. It’s self-propelled, and can . . . → Read More: DR COMMERCIAL 18-30 Electric Start Field & Brush Mower