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    STIHL SHE-71 Electric Hand-Held Garden Blower-Vac

    STIHL SHE-71 Electric Hand-Held Garden Blower-Vac Clearing up around garden and patio areas could not be easier when you have the Stihl SHE 71 Electric Blower/Vacuum at your disposal. The 1100 watt motor creates a high velocity of airflow whether blowing (615 cubic meters/hour) or vacuuming (535 cubic meters/hour). Tidy up after mowing the grass by blowing stray grass clippings that accumulate on paths and driveways back where they belong, onto the lawn, or clear up during autumn when patios and flowerbeds become full of leaves by attaching the Vac-Kit to the blower unit. The large 45 litre catcher bag has a dust filter function and is easily emptied by opening the zippered bottom. Extra space in the bag is created with the shredding impellor inside the blower housing, reducing the vacuumed material to 1/12th of the original volume. This mulched material can then be used as compost or returned to the flowerbed as mulch. A useful cable strain relief attachment prevents socket damage if you stray too far away from the power source. Weighs just 3.1kg as a leaf blower and 3.5kg with Vac-Kit attached. FREE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS! STIHL ELECTRIC HAND-HELD GARDEN BLOWER-VACS HAVE A 12 MONTH MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY.

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