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    Sheen Hollow Tine Aerator

    Sheen Hollow Tine Aerator
    Sheen Hollow Tine Aerator

    Garden Tools & Devices Specially designed for heavy soils or damp conditions, the Sheen Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator punches holes in the turf in order that grass roots breathe easily and to allow rapid absorption of fertilisers. Overall, your lawn will be healthy and look in perfect condition after treatment.The Sheen Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator is robustly constructed and is simple to use. The Aerator has hollow tines (with polished internal bore) that allows soil plugs to be ejected into the collecting box under the soil plate. The built-in coil springs mean that the tines automatically eject from the lawn. Specifications:Working width: 260mmThree tine/springsTine diameter: 15mmWorking depth: 30mmCollection box capacity: approx. 2 litres Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty Read more about the Sheen Hollow Tine Aerator!

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