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    Sanli GTS43 Petrol Brushcutter

    Sanli GTS43 Petrol Brushcutter Thanks to a powerful 2-stroke, 42.7cc engine with 1300w of power and high performance, as well as pro-features at a very non-pro price, this top quality brushcutter knocks spots off the competition and is ready to trim, edge, strim and chop weeds and grass in medium to large properties. A very well balanced, easy to operate machine, it, has both a dual-line head, taking line up to 2.5mm to reduce the need for replacements, which is ideal for strimming close to walls and other obstacles and also comes with a head sporting a robust metal three-toothed blade for easily slicing through thick weeds and longer grass, and for working in larger open areas. Pro-style 'cowhorn' bicycle handlebars provide the operator with maximum control, optimising every sweep, reducing excess body movement and aiding the maintenance of natural posture reducing body stress fatigue. A fuel primer enables easy and reliable starting and a backpack style harness spreads the weight of the machine across the operator's shoulders, allowing extended periods of use.

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