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    Sanli GT26 Petrol Grass Trimmer

    Sanli GT26 Petrol Grass Trimmer With a specially curved shaft, designed to help you edge and trim a lawn and with top specifications and features at low price, including a robust and higher performing full crank engine, this GT26 Petrol Grass Trimmer from Sanli is superior to most in its price range delivering outstanding performance and durability. No emissions, lightweight and low maintenance, it has a 2-stroke engine a dual line head (rather than the single head often supplied in trimmers at this price) and a adjustable loop and bar handle system - not just a loop seen on similar priced machines. It can handle lines up to 2.5mm in diameter, has a fuel primer for easier, reliable starting, an auto clutch for a smooth run with no stalling, and the head only spins on engaging the trigger so there is no waste of fuel and less wear and tear on the engine. It has a low level of vibration for operator comfort, is carefully balanced and, with its nylon line, is ideal for edging up to trees, walls and other obstacles. It has a bump-to-feed head; so you don't have to stop when line falls short, just tap the head on the ground and the line feeds. With a 40cm cutting width, a supporting shoulder strap and 10 metres of cable, this carefully balanced grass trimmer, with a weight of just 5kg, is ideal for maintaining most lawns and path edges. The Sanli GT26 Petrol Grass Trimmer comes with a two year extended domestic guarantee.

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