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    Ransomes Marquis 51/61

    Ransomes Marquis

    Ransomes Marquis

    The Marquis® by Ransomes is a superb walk-behind mower that produces a high quality, striped finish to fine turf. It comes with a choice of 51cm or 61cm cutting cylinders and optional trailing seat (61 Marquis® only) for enhanced operator comfort.

    • Height of cut 6-27mm (0.25-1.06″)
    • Steel rollers as standard
    • Large capacity grass catcher available
    • Five and six blade cylinders provide a choice of cut rates
    • Please note: Due to legislation requiring technical manuals to be printed in multiple languages, this product may not currently be available for purchase in all non-English speaking countries.
    Honda® GX 120 K1-QX4, single cylinder, air cooled, 4 stroke OHV petrol
    119 cc
    Starting System
    Recoil, rope type
    2.9 kW (4 hp) @ 3600 rpm
    Fuel Capacity
    0.55 gal
    Drive Clutch
    Automotive Type
    Traction and Cylinder Drive
    Toothed and multi Vee belt
    Rear Drive Roller
    2-piece, cast iron with bevel gear differential
    Hand lever and cable operated rear roller drive clutch, hand throttle, cylinder drive lever, engine on/off switch and parking brake
    Dual height adjustment
    39.4 in.
    Transport Width
    51: 27.1 in.
    61: 31.1 in.
    39.4 in.
    Weight (inc. grass box)
    51: 181 lbs.
    61: 218 lbs.
    Cutting Cylinder
    51: 6-blade
    61: 5-blade 5 in. diameter
    Width of Cut
    20 in. and 24 in.
    Height of Cut
    .25 in. to 1.06 in.
    Thin bottom blade: .06 in. to .45 in.
    Height of Cut Adjustment
    51: Single point control locating in preset conditions
    61: Single point hand wheel adjustment
    Cylinder to Bottom Blade
    Tool adjustment
    Front Roll
    Grass Box
    Moulded polyethelene
    Cutting Rate
    51: 11948 sq. ft./h
    61: 17868 sq. ft./h
    Cutting Frequency
    51: 26 cuts/ft.
    61: 22 cuts/ft.
    Ground Pressure
    51: 3.99 psi
    61: 4.55 psi
    51: 82 dB (A)Leq (2000/14/EC)
    61: 83 dB (A)Leq (2000/14/EC)
    51: 4.0 m/s²
    61: 5.0 m/s², 3.3 m/s² with trailing seat
    51 and 61 cm grass box, trailing seat on iron rolls (61 only), trailing seat towbar (61 only)

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