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    Original Wormery – 95 Litres

    Original Wormery - 95 Litres A Wormery is an easy efficient system of converting food waste into liquid feed and rich organic compost through the natural action of worms. The Wormery is divided up into a number of chambers one of which houses the worms. Drop your daily kitchen waste into the bin the worms feed on the food waste and convert it into concentrated liquid feed and Bio-rich organic compost.The wormery can handle ordinary kitchen waste such as peelings cooked and uncooked scraps teabags eggshells paper kitchen towels even shredded newspaper etc. It will produce a strong nutrient rich liquid feed which you dilute with water prior to use as an excellent plant food for house plants garden flowers shrubs vegetables or as a lawn feed and a rich organic compost. This grey 95 litre bin is made from recyclable tough polyethylene and comes with various different ingredients such as worms worm bedding special lime mix and separating platform. Full instructions are also included. It has a lockable hinged lid and can be used both indoors and outdoors. And you do not have to worry about the smell as the waste is consumed by the worms when decomposed. Click here for wormery information.Requires Adobe Reader. If you have difficulty opening this document right-click the link and select

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