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    New! Garden Groom ‘Pro’ Safety Hedgetrimmer with Free Volume Bag

    New! Garden Groom 'Pro' Safety Hedgetrimmer with Free Volume Bag The Garden Groom Safety Hedgetrimmer is the first hedgetrimmer in the world to Cut, Shred and Contain waste clippings! By collecting the clippings whilst it trims, the Garden Groom not only saves time on sweeping up but also promotes healthy growth by not leaving dead clippings on the hedge. It has a concealed blade for added safety and built-in hedge clipping collection unit. The blade is also unique in that it shreds the clippings, reducing them in volume by a ratio of 10:1. The Garden Groom Max Safety Hedgetrimmer offers two handed operation and can be used to cut a variety of hedge types. It has a powerful 500 Watt motor and arrives fully assembled! LOOK>>>LOW, LOW PRICE>>SAVE £60! PLUS! The Garden Groom now comes with a Volume Bag worth £29.95 - FREE, when you order from MowDIRECT! Simply connect to your Garden Groom to collect cuttings as you work. No need to stop to empty!

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