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    Mitox 6224 Petrol Chainsaw (60cm Guide Bar)

    Mitox 6224 Petrol Chainsaw (60cm Guide Bar) With its larger 60cm guide-bar and high-powered 62cc (3.0kW) engine, the Mitox 6224 will make short work of the toughest chainsaw jobs you're likely to have to tackle as a domestic user. It's equipped with a decompression-valve, so it won't jerk or 'kick' on ignition; and it benefits from the employment of a performance- and reliability-enhancing carburettor from Japanese brand-leaders Walbro. An automatic chain-oiling system ensures peak-performance is continuously maintained; while an exceptionally fast-acting chain-brake makes the chance of accidental injury a very remote one indeed. This premium domestic model also features large-capacity tanks for both oil and fuel, so refuelling breaks will be few and far between; and it offers a comprehensive anti-vibration system that will considerably reduce operator-fatigue. The amount of oil that is sent to the cutting-gear can be set to suit the hardness of the wood you're working.

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