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    Mantis Mini Cultivator (4-stroke Honda engine)

    Mantis Mini Cultivator (4-stroke Honda engine) Now supplied with free kickstand and lawn border edger - usually optional extras costing £62.90! The famous Mantis Tiller now has got a bigger brother - the Mantis 4-Stroke. If you would like a bit more power, and without having to buy a larger machine, this cultivator (which is powered by a 4-stroke Honda engine) is ideal. It weighs only 11 kg (24 lbs) and requires no separate oil/fuel mixing. Its unique tines cut through the soil to create a very fine tilth ready for planting or sowing seeds.The Mantis Tiller works in a unique way - the tines rotate forward at up to 196 rpm (twice as fast as many other tillers). You guide the Mantis backwards, and it is the resistance created that pulls the Mantis down into the ground. Walk backwards or move the tiller from side to side over one piece of ground until the desired depth of tilling is reached. Specifications: Honda 4 stroke engine with pull start electronic ignition Throttle activated centrifugal clutch - the tines will only engage when you squeeze the throttle Tine depth - 10in/25cm Working width - 9in/23cm Weight - 11kg 5 year guarantee on tines and two years on machine

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