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    Kawasaki KRB-650A Back-Pack Leaf Blower

    Kawasaki KRB-650A Back-Pack Leaf Blower For large clean up jobs a powerful blower is essential. The Kawasaki KRB-650A Back Pack Leaf Blower fits the bill in all respects with an ultra reliable, high performance 45.4cc 2-stroke petrol engine producing a maximum air velocity of up to 175mph and an air volume of 16.5 cubic meters a minute. Fitted with a padded harness system for maximum comfort and joystick control featuring a throttle trigger, throttle lock and on/off switch, the KRB-650B is suitable for extended periods of use. The user friendliness of this machine does not stop there however. A large 2 litre translucent fuel tank extends work periods and provides easy fuel reads while noise reduction features include a plastic engine shroud and fan casing combined with a muffler lined with glass wool. Reliability is further guaranteed from a high volume air filter and a large carry handle provides for easy transportation. Weight 8.7kg. FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! KAWASAKI LEAF BLOWERS HAVE A TWO YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY.

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