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    Kawasaki KBL27 Brush Cutter (Special Offer)

    Kawasaki KBL27 Brush Cutter (Special Offer)
    Kawasaki KBL27 Brush Cutter (Special Offer)

    Motorised Trimmers & Accessories This range of professional brushcutters from the world renowned Kawasaki brand has been developed with lightweight comfort, durability and safety in mind. Cutting is a demanding task, so Kawasaki has given careful thought to every aspect of the design to ensure all unnecessary weight has been removed while at the same time retaining in-built strength. Operator comfort has also been enhanced with an excellent combination of crankshaft balance, piston weight and stroke for maximum efficiency, reduced inertia and minimized source vibration. The Kawasaki 2-stroke engines powering these models have been developed especially for brushcutter use. Excellent fuel efficiency, reliability and a long engine life have helped make these some of the most popular models available. In addition to this a specially designed exhaust has reduced clogging and reduced noise levels. Ideal for general groundscare, the KBL27 Brushcutter is light and easy to handle and has excellent weight and balance. It’s powered by a 27 cc 2-stroke engine with a noise level of only 90dB. Equipped with a loop handle and elastomer nylon resin grip for improved handling and comfort during prolonged periods of use, this brushcutter has a single harness for operator comfort and will run for 1 hour on a single filling of the 0.6 litre fuel tank. The Kawasaki KBL27 Brushcutter employs a 2.4mm nylon line cutter head and has a dry weight of only 4.6 kg. LOOK>>>LOW, LOW PRICE>>SAVE OVER £50! FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! KAWASAKI BRUSH CUTTERS HAVE A 24 MONTH WARRANTY! Read more about the Kawasaki KBL27 Brush Cutter (Special Offer)!

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