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    Joseph Bentley Lawn Edging Shears with Free Topiary Shear

    Joseph Bentley Lawn Edging Shears with Free Topiary Shear These premium quality Joseph Bentley lawn edging shears are an essential tool for maintaining a perfect lawn.Designed to create a clean sharp edge between lawn and border they have carefully sharpened carbon steel tempered blades with a scissor like action. These also have FSC approved solid oak handles meticulously finished for comfort and durability. Specifications: Carbon steel tempered bladesFSC certified solid oak hardwood handles Overall dimensions: H 91cm x W 27cm Constructed in the traditional style they are rugged robust and perfect for regular use; effortlessly maintain an impeccable lawn. Also included is the Joseph Bentley topiary shears. Designed for light trimming and topiary work on small hedges they are simple to operate single-handed and have pointed blades to ensure maximum flexibility in shaping. As with the edging shears they have solid oak handles and carbon steel tempered blades. This reputable brand build tools to last and continue to invest in the UK industry by producing ranges of their tools in Sheffield. Based on proven classic designs their tools all have carbon hardened and tempered blades that quickly cut through rough grass and weeds and perfectly illustrate the cross-over between agriculture and the garden.

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