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    Honda UMK 425UE Brushcutter

    Honda UMK 425UE Brushcutter Featuring the new ultra-efficient and quiet GX25 engine, this 25 cc brushcutter is easy-to-use, robust and lightweight, delivering a heavyweight performance to tackle the heavy undergrowth that mowers can't cut. Using your brushcutter is easier and more comfortable than ever thanks to improved ergonomics and lower emissions. The Honda UMK425UE strimmers and brushcutters have a bike-type handle for greater control. Unique lubrication system allows the product to be used or stored through a full 360ยบ incline. A comfort harness and protective googles are included. Specifications: Handle Design: Bike Type Maximum Power Output: 1 hp / 7000 rpm Maximum Torque: N/A Power: 1.09 hp / 0.81 kW Engine: GX25 Mini 4-Stroke Fuel Capacity: 0.55 litres Oil Capacity: 0.08 litres Starter Mechanism: Recoil Dry Weight: 5.43 kg Nylon Head: Spool Blade Type Supplied: 3 Tooth

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