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    Hitachi CH62EA 3 ST Double Sided Hedgetrimmer

    Hitachi CH62EA 3 ST Double Sided Hedgetrimmer The Hitachi CH62EA3 is a lightweight 620mm double-sided hedge trimmer with a Quick Twist rear handle and a 21.1cc Low Noise 2-stroke engine with S-Start. It combines ultra light weight (4.5kg) with excellent cutting performance and has a damper for reduced vibration. The Quick-Twist angle handle adjusts through 180 degrees in 5 positions using a simple lock button. This allows for easy vertical trimming and shaping and is suitable for both left and right hand use. With S-Start up to 50% less pulling force is required. It is ideal for those who like to have smooth, easy pull engine starting. It is also suitable for professional users who can save time and energy from the reduced effort required. Specifications: 620mm Double Sided Blade 564mm Effective Length 0.64m/s Cutter Speed 30mm Cutter Pitch 21.1cc/0.74kW Low Noise Engine S-Start Assisted Starting Quick Twist Handle Weight 4.5kg 350cc Fuel Tank Capacity

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