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    Hitachi CG40EF L Backpack Brushcutter

    Hitachi CG40EF L Backpack Brushcutter The Hitachi CG40EF L back pack brush cutter has a powerful 39.8cc 2-stroke engine, padded harness, 4-tooth cutter blade and a 26mm diameter solid steel drive shaft. Hitachi has recently purchased Tanaka whose brand of outdoor power equipment has an established reputation for high quality, innovative and reliable products that are well known and highly regarded by professional users throughout the UK. Specifications: Padded Harness Back Pack 39.8cc (1.31kw) 2-stroke Engine 4-tooth Cutter Blade 1000cc Fuel Tank Capacity 26mm Diameter Solid Steel Shaft Weight 11kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 2704x303x577mm

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