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    Garden Groom Garden Barber

    Garden Groom Garden Barber Cutting your hedges or shrubs tends to be a dreaded chore at the best of times; cutting clearing up the clippings and then having to dispose of them - boring! The solution is the worlds only collecting hedge and shrub shaper - Garden Groom Garden Barber. Make maintaining your garden enjoyable again! The new Lithium-ion technology ensures excellent battery performance which can be recharged at any time with no loss of memory. The blade on the Garden Barber is totally concealed eliminating any safety worries you may have when using conventional hedge trimmers. With Garden Barber you can shape and trim your hedges and shrubs with ease thanks to the lightweight and easy-to-use design optimized for multi-directional use. Being cordless this is totally portable so maintaining your shrubs has never been simpler. Not only does this trim all sorts but impressively it shreds and deposits the waste into its unique collection unit

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