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    FSC Overlap Lawnmower Store

    FSC Overlap Lawnmower Store This Overlap Lawnmower Store is specifically designed to offer good security of your lawn mower. Mowers can be expensive and bulky items that often take up too much space in your garden shed or are at risk of burglary if left in your garden. This store ensures that using your lawnmower is simple as the double door optimises accessibility and the pad bolt allows you to secure the building. Its pent-style roof is slanted to ensure that rain can roll off and the roofing felt allows the underlying timber to be protected from wood rot and fungal corrosion. Manufactured using FSC-approved timber this quality shed is both durable and robust. Constructed around 27mm x 32mm framing with overlap cladding this shed has a braced double door with pad bolt and oriented strand board (OSB) solid sheets on the floor and roof.With a pent shed the roof slopes from the front to back so that the maximum height is at the front of the shed

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