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    Einhell MSF 570 Manual Snow Plough

    Einhell MSF 570 Manual Snow Plough If you need to clear snow from your path or drive but you don't need anything as complex as a powered snow blower and shovelling is not for you; why not try this ingenious manual Snow Plough from renowned German manufacturer Einhell. An auger, rather like the sort you might find on a Snow Blower, revolves as you push the plough, churning the snow up and clearing it to one side using the 'Archimedes Screw' principle. Sturdy but lightweight, constructed of impact resistant and corrosion proof plastic, with a 57cm working width and a folding handle to make storage easy, this handy snow-clearance-tool is a great solution for clearing smaller paths and drives this winter with the minimum of effort.

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