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    Einhell BG-KS 2040 Electric Garden Shredder

    Einhell BG-KS 2040 Electric Garden Shredder The Einhell BG-KS 2040 provides the perfect solution for those looking for a practical and convenient way to dispose of their organic garden debris. It's powered by a high-performance 2000w electric motor and is equipped with a set of double-sided knives that will reduce waste, both leafy and woody, to a compostable mulch (branches up to 40mm in diameter are acceptable). Features include a rubber lamella that prevents material flying from the hopper opening; and a motor safety-switch that guards against accidental start-up. The special knife-angle on this model ensures branches are pulled automatically in to the mechanism. Transport wheels make it easy to move from the shed to the work-site.

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