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    Echo SRM 235ESL Semi Pro Petrol Brushcutter

    Echo SRM 235ESL Semi Pro Petrol Brushcutter The Echo SRM235ESL brushcutter has a loop handle design and 21.2 cc two stroke engine. Anti-vibration measures have been incorporated into the design to ensure that work is comfortable and safe. Particularly geared towards commercial users who use the machines for a number of hours at a time, this technology also allows homeowners ergonomic operation. Combined with low noise levels these brushcutters allow longer use for maximum working capacity. The Echo SRM235ESL strimmers and brushcutters are durable machines designed for light duty from professional users and all-round home owner use. Specifications: Ignition Type: ES - Easy Start Displacement: 21.2 cm³ Dry Weight: 5.7 kg Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.44 litres Handle Type: Loop Overall Length: 1770 mm

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