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    Echo DM-6110 Petrol Mist Blower

    Echo DM-6110 Petrol Mist Blower
    Echo DM-6110 Petrol Mist Blower

    Garden Tools & Devices A professional grade duster / mist blower from Echo. Powered by a 58.2cc two-stroke engine, with a 13 litre see-through tank, the DM-6110 is designed for commercial dusting applications. Features & Specifications: Low Vibration: Every Echo product is designed and tested as a complete package, ensuring the manufacture of high quality, ergonomically designed equipment, with maximum vibration control. Pro Fire electronic ignition: Makes this Echo machine easy to start, regardless of the conditions. 5 Year Domestic Warranty: Echo power tools come with a 5 year domestic warranty or a 2 year professional warranty. Engine: 2 Stroke Power: 58.2cc Capacity: 13 litre Weight: 11.2kg Read more about the Echo DM-6110 Petrol Mist Blower!

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