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    DR PRO 9HP Stump Grinder

    DR PRO 9HP Stump Grinder With a DR® Stump Grinder you don't have to put up with any stump, no matter where it is on your property. The DR PRO Stump grinder has a 9hp Subaru engine & carbide-tipped steel teeth. Never again will you struggle with back-breaking and time consuming methods of stump removal like digging by hand, ripping out with a tractor and chains, burning, or chemicals. The adjustable handlebars keep the operator comfortably in control. A simple, rugged design, with few moving parts, means this machine will be around for many years of fast stump removal. Features: DR Stump Grinders are powered by Subaru engines -- the first air-cooled engines in the world to use auto-style overhead cam technology. 9 carbide-tipped cutting teeth (replaceable) are mounted to a ½" cutter head that supplies tremendous rotating inertia. Cutter head is housed in a protective directional steel shroud which shows exactly where the cutting teeth are making contact, while protecting operator from thrown debris. Teeth are tipped with mining-grade tungsten carbide...the same material used in the mining industry to drill through rock. The flip up belt cover protects the belt and pulleys, then flips out of the way for easy access. Self-adjusting belt tensioner eliminates need for operator adjustment. Specifications: Model : DR 9HP PRO Stump Grinder Engine : Subaru EX 27 - 9hp - 265cc Cutter Head Thickness : 1/2" Cutter Head Diameter : 10.5" Tooth RPM / Speed : 2789 / 88mph Construction : Fully welded 12 gauge steel Torque : 13.74 ft. lbs. @ 2500 RPM Cam : Case hardened steel chain driven overhead cam Start : Recoil - Pull Wheels : Steels / Tyres - 15" x 4.5" lugged Machine Weight : 63kg - 139lbs Manufacturer's 2 year domestic warranty (90 days commercial) A bottle of engine oil is included with this stump grinder

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