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    Bosch Electric Lawnmower – 360W/32cm

    Bosch Electric Lawnmower - 360W/32cm Looking for a bowling green finish to your lawn? This Bosch ASM 32 with its 32cm cutting width provides precise cutting for manicured lawns. The motor is quiet and the cut is efficient due to the quattro-cut system. It has a rear roller for traditional stripes and lawn edging and the large capacity grass box means you do not have to stop so often to empty out the cuttings. Lightweight with good ergonomics make the ASM 32 easy to manoeuvre and transport. It is easy to push and steer even near walls and it folds down in two ways to make space.Ergonomic handle system Convenient removal of the grass box Sharp adjustable bottom bladeCentral five-position height-of-cut adjustmentMotor capacity: 360W Cutting width: 32cm Cutting system: Cylinder blades (Quattro-Cut) Grass box capacity: 31 litres Cutting height: 12

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