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    Bosch AXT-25D Quiet Electric Garden Shredder

    Bosch AXT-25D Quiet Electric Garden Shredder The larger sibling of the Bosch AXT 22 D, Bosch AXT 25 D Quiet Electric Garden Shredder is equipped with a larger 2500 watt induction motor enabling larger quantities of material to be processed, up to 190 kg/hour. A timber capacity of 40mm will allow the largest of pruned branches to be cut and crushed within the drum cutting mechanism which will leave you with ideal results for composting, produced with the minimum of noise. A 53 litre collection box will not only accommodate valuable mulched material but the detachable hopper as well, making storage space less of an issue. Weight 31.3 kg. FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! BOSCH ELECTRIC GARDEN SHREDDERS HAVE A 2 YEAR WARRANTY.

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